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Grill Cleaner

For the first time ever, a grill cleaner utilizing a 1500 watt steam generator is available for home use! Delivers a powerful jet of steam that obliterates grease and grime, removing 99.99% of harmful germs and bacteria. Stainless steel grill brush scrubs while the steam blasts, providing a synergy that will keep your grill as pristine as the day you bought it. Put down those hand irritating steel wool pads and pick up the Grilltastic to start cleaning your grill easily and immaculately today!

Side view of Grilltastic
chore no more
It’s unanimous - cleaning a grill with traditional methods is a tedious, laborious and dreaded task. Unlike grill cleaners that merely spray tepid water on a grill that you must preheat to produce non-directed steam, the Sienna Grilltastic system generates precisely directed, superheated LIVE STEAM that blasts away hardened buildup with the touch of a button! No preheating necessary. You will soon find that cleaning your grill can be quick, satisfying, and even fun!
withstands the test of time
Built to last, this durable sanitation revolution will stand strong after years of routine use on even the most disastrous grilling spills and mishaps. Precision engineered and optimally constructed with only the most rugged and rust-resistant materials, your Grilltastic steam cleaner will remain as effective after years of use as the day you first took it out of the box.
100% eco-friendly sanitation
Cleaning the places where your food is prepared with a long list of toxic chemicals can be dangerous to you, family, friends, and the environment. In addition to creating a health hazard, these abrasive chemicals can place substantial wear and tear on your grill grates. With the chemical-free cleansing power of steam, no chemicals are required to make your grill spotless and sanitary, and using Grilltastic will even add years to its lifespan!
100% satisfaction guaranteed
Sienna proudly stands behind the quality of our appliances and has a 20-year proven track record of being on the cutting edge of steam cleaning technology.
3 small photos of the Grilltastic and its brushes